Hot Weather Shipping

Buy Now, Ship Later.

Due to rising temperatures of the season this means wine can spoil easily sitting in the heat. To avoid putting wine in jeopardy we are adding in a new shipping option in the checkout portion of our website. Our “Hold Until Cooler Weather” feature allows you to purchase wine now and ship later when the weather cools down.

You don’t have to miss out on any wine deals or limited supply promotions due to the possibility of wine getting ruined during the ground shipping process. Simply make your purchase as usual and select the “Hold Until Cooler Weather” option in the shipping portion of the checkout page. You will pay for the wine only at this point and we will notify you at a later date for shipping times and payment information.

This option if for UPS Ground shipping rate which is the cheapest rate we offer. If you would like to receive your wine faster we have Nextday options available.

Please fill out contact information with name, phone number and email address so we can contact you easily.