Bottle Club


There are numerous bottle clubs around the country offering 2 bottles of wine each month, but those clubs can be very hit and miss.  Buon Vino will give you the kind of club that you deserve, one where you control what you get each month.  You can customize your selections and choose from a list of wines each month selecting only the wines you want and leaving the rest.

Joining the Buon Vino Bottle Club is easy

Step 1

Select your single bottle price level.

$20 – $30  |  $30 – $50

Step 2

Select two bottles of wine each month from a list of 10 wines at your price level. Each month we will refresh the wine list, keeping only a couple of the most popular from the previous month.

Step 3

Drink and enjoy phenomenal wines each month.

I told you it was easy!  Want to make it even easier?  Sommeliers at Buon Vino would be happy to make the selections for you based on your preferences.

Available in 3, 6 or 12-month increments, this is the perfect bottle club for the discerning buyer. After you sign up we will email you a link to a page on our site that will host the wines of the price range you have selected. No need for payment information. Simply select the wines you want and go through our normal check out process.

*If you live out of state or an area that is outside of our delivery range, and require shipping, be advised this is our hot season and we don’t want to risk wine ruining during the shipping process so we have set up a “Hold Until Cooler Weather” option. Click here for more information.

Sign up today!