Tasting Club


Tasting Club is not currently accepting new memberships. We have reached full capacity.

Buon Vino is excited to announce the reopening of our Tasting Club!  Many of you are familiar with the traditional wine club model where you get two bottles of wine per month for a fixed price.  We love this model and we felt that we could create a tasting for those who wanted a “try before they buy” concept.

Over the past few years this tasting club has been fantastic!  Meeting the 1st Saturday of the month has worked very well.  We decided to take things up a notch and really make this a phenomenal event every month.  Here are the details.

  • Meets the 1st Saturday of every month.
  • We have 2 seating times 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM to accommodate spacing.
  • Only 24 seats available. No groups larger than 6.
  • Featuring 5-6 World Class Wines
  • Themed tastings (Cabernet, Napa Valley, French, Italian, Summer Wines, Washington v Napa, Etc)
  • Better Wine!! $25-$50 wines
  • Charcuterie plates are preset for everyone.
  • No Tasting Fee!
  • Minimum Purchase $50/month
  • Memberships are continuous. No pausing between months.
  • If you miss a tasting we will choose wines for you based on your past preferences and purchases history.
  • You must register for each tasting if you wish to attend.

All you need to do to be a member of this club is purchase $50 worth of wine either from the list of wines that night or any other bottle or bottles you would like.  As long as it adds up to $50 or more you are set!  Only wines purchased that night will count towards your $50 spend.  If you are unable to make the tasting, no problem. If you trust our judgment (most of our members do) we will be happy to select wines for you based on your previous purchases. We send out the featured wines ahead of the tasting so you may take a look and select what you would like for the month.

Sign up now!  What do you have to lose? Start trying new wines every month and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow wine lovers.